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But I need one, Zack... I need a God!

—Ray to Zack in Episode Four

Rachel Gardner
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Reicheru Gādonā

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Little Miss Horror Show

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June 10



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156 cm (5'1")

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Mr. Gardner (Father) (Deceased)
Mrs. Gardner (Mother) (Deceased)
Isaac Foster (Ally)




Episode 1


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Episode 1

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Haruka Chisuga

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Meg McClain

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Rachel Gardner (レイチェル・ガードナー Reicheru Gādonā), also known as Ray, is the protagonist of the game, manga and anime Satsuriku no Tenshi. She is the first playable character of the game who is a young girl that awakes in a building with initially no recollection of why she is there.

In Episode 4, it is revealed that she is actually the B1 floor master.


Full Profile (Anime)

Ray is a small 13-year-old girl of small stature with hip-length blonde hair that has a single hair strand hanging in the middle of her face (mostly on the right side), large blue eyes and a petite frame.

Her eyes vary in saturation through the game:

  • At the end of Episode 3, they're shown to be a much darker blue.
  • During Episode 4, it is a visible dark blue to light blue gradient.

She wears a shirt that has black and white horizontal stripes where it almost covers her black shorts, a loose white cardigan and clunky black boots with silver buckles. In addition, Ray wears a plain black choker and she has a small black messenger bag with a triangular flap.


Ray is originally presented as an extremely calm and collected girl, although this likely stems from her desire to die and the other floor masters say that she is ruthless, selfish and manipulative who is willing to do anything to get what she wants. However, it is a misnomer to consider her an evil or malicious person as she does not inherently understand human morality and does not have actual cruel impulses.

She is shown to have issues with empathy and difficulty expressing or understanding emotions, and while she has shown fear, anger, compassion, and happiness, these are rare, fleeting, and moderate. She does not, however, fake emotions, and will not pretend to have feelings that are not present. In the later episodes, though, she appears to become more expressive.

Ray is fixated on the idea of the existence of God. This make her distress when Gray told her God won't accept her oath with Zack and when Zack told her he believes God does not exist in the world. Her desperation in needing a God she believes made her so delusional that she saw Zack as her God.

Only until Zack helped her accept her actions that she finally came to terms with her warped view and realized that her true wish was simply to be wanted by someone in life and death. Afterwards, Ray started to act like a normal person, particularly in regards to Zack who she developed a close bond with over time.


Ray was raised by her mother and father where her mother was unemployed while her father was a police officer. Her parents despised each other and it is implied they would argue at least every night. Her mother implies that she is the only reason the two are remaining together. However, the couple did not attempt to spare Ray in their feuding, blaming each other for her lack of empathy, as well as verbally and physically abusing her.

Her father would spend most of the family money on alcohol (the fuel for many firefights) and prostitutes, and as a result, her house was in poor condition, leaving empty bottles of spirits around the house, leaving bills unpaid, appliances and floors unfixed. As such, Ray spent most of her time out of the house, wandering alleys. While it is not stated if she went to school, it can be assumed she did, as she can read, write and understand basic chemistry.

One night when spending time in an alley, she encounters a small puppy. Wishing to adopt the puppy but not wanting to get in trouble, she heads home to ask her parents for permission where she finds them in the kitchen, arguing. Her father storms off, accusing Ray of psychopathy as he does. Her mother heads into another room and Ray follows her to ask about the puppy, finding her mother hiding something in a drawer, mumbling how she would kill her father with a "secret weapon". Ray asks her mother to talk, to which her mother immediately replies that she is not in the mood to do so. She tells Ray to go to her room, to which Ray responds that she needs to ask her something. Her mother yells that Ray is just like her father and that she cannot even get her own child to listen to her, slapping Ray and then storming off.

Ray heads upstairs, thinking about the puppy. She comes down to look at the "secret weapon" her mother was talking about, discovering a handgun. She leaves to find the puppy and when she does, she attempts to catch it in a box, reaching out her hand to it and being bitten. The details of the following events are unclear but result in the puppy being shredded and then sewn back together by Ray, later being put in a box and carried to her room by herself.

Ray witnessed her father killing her mother.

On the same day, after her parents have been fighting for a while she hears a scream, making her head downstairs to the kitchen to see what had happened. There, she sees her father repeatedly stabbing her mother and he starts to go after her too after he notices that Ray is watching. Ray runs to the hallway, picking up the handgun her mother had hidden for self-defense and escapes to her room upstairs. When her father comes to kill her as well, she shoots him in self-defense right after asking him to become her perfect father. Afterwards, she gathers her parents' corpses and transforms them into dolls sewed up together, the closest thing to a "perfect" family she never had.

This later leads to her institutionalization, as the authorities came to feel that she would murder others to make them "perfect" as well after she had killed another puppy at the orphanage she was sent to, just because she wanted to make it "hers" as well since the puppy wouldn't warm up to her no matter what she would do to get it to like her.

At the institution, Doctor Danny was assigned to be her therapist. During Rachel's counselling session, he took an instant liking to her blank blue eyes as they reminded him of his mother's eyes which he had been looking for. After this, Danny took Ray with him from the institution to the experiment building using his authority. Despite Gray's objections, Danny persuaded him into giving her the entire Floor B1, effectively making Ray the master of the floor. For a while, Ray lived with Danny in B1, who gladly helped her in setting up traps within the floor and would bring her gifts that he thought she would like; even going to the extent of bringing her parents' corpses into her room. However, all of this changed when Ray discovered a bible left behind by Gray. After reading the entire bible, Ray developed faith in God and underwent dissociative amnesia, as she realizes that she is a "sinner". Because of the building's rules, Ray's faith in God made her fitting in the criteria to become a sacrifice. Without a choice, Danny had to allow Ray to be sent to B7 as a sacrifice, hoping that she'll eventually return to her old self and resume her role as the floor master of B1.



Please be aware that this section contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the Angels of Death game.
Please proceed with caution.

Episode 1

Ray discovers the writing.

Ray awakens to find herself in an underground room with a beautiful fake blue moon, not understanding where she is. Recalling that she was previously in a hospital she exits the room in search of her parents. Cameras loom above as Ray walks passed a gate to a wall that reads the written text:

Who art thou?
To know, thou must find out for thyself.
Is it thine true self? Or thine desired self?
An angel? A sacrifice?
Know thyself, and the gate shalt open.

Ray answers the machine's questions.

Ray enters a room with a computer that is turned off. Upon being reflected in a mirror, the computer switches on and begins asking for the following information: Ray's name, age, what she is doing there, and why. When waiting for a response to the final question, Ray hesitantly responds that she saw someone die and that it happened right in front of her, resulting in her coming to the hospital for counselling. When finally asked what she would do now, Ray responds that she will leave, for she wants to see her parents. The machine beside her dispenses a key card and the computer switches off.

Using the key card, Ray opens the originally locked gate and just before entering an elevator, an announcement declares that "the girl on the bottom floor is hereby a sacrifice" and for the floor masters to "make preparations." She makes her way to the B6 floor, which bears the resemblance of a dark alley. She stumbles across a newspaper that contains information about a serial killer. Down a pitch-black alleyway, Ray comes across another message on a wall:

Someone befitting awaits you on each of the floors here.
Each is bound by a rule to never leave their floor.
If you value your life, you have no choice but to ascend the floors.

Ray barely misses Zack's scythe.

Down another alleyway, she comes across an injured bird. She lures the bird with some chips that she found and takes the bird with her. A sound coming from another passage scares the bird, and it flies away from Ray, landing on the ground. A man comes bursting through a door, slicing the bird with his scythe. He tells Ray that he will give her a three-second head start. The man gives chase to Ray, who enters a room and hides in a chest. The man passes by in pursuit of her and leaves when he barely missed his strike on Ray inside the chest, thinking she's not in the room.

Ray meets Danny.

Upon exiting the chest, worried about the bird, Ray returns to where she first encountered the man. She finds the bird that was killed and stitches it up to "fix" it before giving it a proper burial in one of the floor's lots. Upon "fixing" the bird, Ray notices a key that fell out of the bird's stomach, which unlocks a hatch leading to the elevator control room. After switching the elevator on, Ray leaves the room, but is eventually ambushed by the man. This time, he doesn't give her a head start. Ray turns off the lights that happen to be beside her, blinding the man's vision and makes it to the elevator in time and travels to floor B5, which resembles a hospital, and encounters Danny.

Danny reassures Ray that he is real and that the man from before will not come to the current floor. Ray and Danny set out to find an exit. Ray asks why Danny did not run away, and Danny answers he knew Ray would make it to this floor, which Ray finds strange. The two encounter a glass wall that is too thick to break. Danny concludes they are trapped. The two enter a room where Ray reads the written text:

Do you know what your heart wishes for?
Is it desire?
If that is your impulse, then there's no point to resist.
For being here you possess no such essence
However, every wish has its price.
Just don't break the rules.

Ray finds Danny's collection of eyes.

Ray asks what these "rules" are and what "desire" is. Danny answers the latter with his desire to have perfect eyes like Ray's, as one of his does not work well. When Ray goes to wipe the dust off some illegible text, Danny grabs her arm to prevent dust from entering her eyes. Danny takes an anxious Ray to the operating room and asks her to let him have a good look at her eyes. Danny praises and obsesses over Ray's eyes, commenting on how he wants to live his life next to Ray's eyes. Danny asks Ray to check the back room for "something important", which intends to help Ray remember something. Ray enters the room to find false eyes, which Danny takes one to replace his dysfunctional eye. Danny instructs Ray not to run away. However, Ray is convinced that the man is not the Danny she knows and attempts to escape, using a crowbar to open the locked door. Danny catches Ray, looks monstrous, and attempts to take her now non-ideal eyes.

Ray lost her will to live.

Danny pins a pleading Ray to the operating table, the former continuing to obsess over her eyes and memory of why things are happening. Danny's attempts do not work, however, and Ray asks to go home to her parents, who are "in Hell" according to Danny. His comment triggers a flashback for Ray, resulting in her paralysis. Danny marvels at Ray's eyes becoming beautiful again until Zack appears and slashes him down. Zack goes to kill Ray, but her paralyzed state forces Zack to think about how boring her death would be.

Ray asks Zack to kill her.

An announcement says Zack has now become a sacrifice as he has broken the rule by attacking a resident of another floor, prompting him to run away. Ray recalls the flashback she has that recovered her memories and convinced she shouldn't be alive. With this realization, Ray goes after Zack, who is trying pointlessly getting the elevator to work up to escape. Ray then requests him to kill her, something that disgusted Zack. The serial killer then demands Ray open the door of the elevator instead of asking him with the ridiculous request. Believing Zack will kill her if she does as he said, Ray retrieves Danny's key that leads to the control room and activates the elevator. Seeing Ray's intelligence, Zack offers her a deal: he will kill her if she helps him escape from the building, an offer that Ray accepts.

Ray reads the documents.

Arriving at B4, Ray asks if Zack knows more about the building, but Zack didn't as he only came after someone told him he can kill whoever he wants in his old floor. They end up at a graveyard and Ray finds a gravestone with her name written on it. She then finds a crack where she can get in due to her small size while Zack doesn't and propose she go inside to check. Zack suspects that Ray would try to run away, but Ray firmly reminds him that she won't because he hasn't killed her yet. She enters and finds a letter for her, documents about the graveyards, and resumes of the people being sent into the building, including hers and Zack. Just as she decoded the document that will reveal the location of the switch to open the door in the room, the door has already been accidentally opened by Zack who is waiting outside while destroying the gravestones.

Ray shows Zack's resume.

Ray returns and shows Zack hers and his resume that reveals his real name to be Isaac Foster, asking Zack about his background as she reads the resume out loud. Zack confirms that he is indeed Isaac Foster and asks how she feels about it and if she is afraid of him. Ray answers that she thinks nothing of it as it was only a piece of paper with his backgrounds written on it and she is not afraid of him. When Zack tells her a story about a woman he killed after lying to him for saying she's not afraid of him, Ray asks back if he's going to kill her if she does the same thing the woman did, reminding Zack that she as opposed to the woman in his story, she wants to be killed. Ray also adds that she's not afraid of him because she just met him.

Ray smiles at Zack.

Ray then reveals that she only finds the resumes and the mechanism to open the next door is somewhere else. When she reveals that she heard a voice that told her they knew what her wish is, Zack destroys Ray's gravestone despite her plea not to. They return to the entrance where Ray asks Zack to get into the water as the mechanism to open the door is most likely inside. Ray then asks if Zack is truly going to kill her considering she's really boring to him. Zack, in turn, asks why didn't she just kill herself if she wants to die so badly. Ray doesn't understand herself but it's because God won't permit suicide so she won't kill herself. Zack then tells her to make an expression that would make him want to kill her, but when Ray tries to look angry or sad, her expression remains dead. She then tries to smile as Zack told her, but the latter says her eyes are dead. After activating the mechanism, Ray returns inside to check the room.

Ray asks Zack if he truly swears to kill her.

Inside the new room, Ray is greeted by the master of B4 Floor, Eddie. He reveals that he knows everything about her, including about her wish to die and is willing to fulfil it for her. Ray hesitates to accept because if she dies now Zack won't be able to get out from the building. Eddie then makes her choose between him and Zack while promising to kill her in a beautiful way than Zack would. Ray is about to accept Eddie's offer until Zack (who is at the other side of the room) swears to God that he will kill her. This convinced Ray to choose Zack, telling him to break the wall that was separating them, which Zack easily did. Ray then desperately asks Zack if he is truly willing to swear to God that he will her, emphasizing God's name. Zack firmly tells her that he hates lies, making his point that he will stay true to his words. Believing in Zack, Ray promises that she will do her best to be useful for him.

Ray watches Zack killing Eddie.

Ray and Zack once again confront Eddie who asks Ray why she chose Zack over him. Ray replies that Zack has sworn to God that he would kill her, and that was everything to her. Heartbroken by her rejection, Eddie determines to kill her at all cost. Turning off the light to blind their visions, Eddie makes his attack. While Zack uses his instinct to attack Eddie, Ray tries to find the source of the light. By throwing a rock to misguide Eddie of her locations, Ray gains enough time to turn on the lights back, giving Eddie's location to Zack. Eddie desperately asks her again to let him kill her, but Ray once again refuses. Zack then kills Eddie and buries him inside the grave that was meant for Ray as the said girl looks on.

Ray asks Zack if she's useful for him.

At the elevator on the way to B3, Ray asks Zack if she was useful for him, not referring him by name that doesn't sit well with Zack. She then tries to call him Isaac, but Zack tells her just to call him by his nickname. Ray did and asks him again if she's being useful to him, which Zack answers that she is helping a bit and should keep it up on the next floor as well. This makes Ray happy, and before exiting the elevator as it stops, she reminds Zack that she will continue to be useful for him so he should keep his promise too once they got out of the building.

Episode 2

Ray thinks for a way to break the iron bars.

Ray and Zack arrive at B3, which is a prison. Ray inspects the iron bars, trying to find a way to open it, but doesn't have anything that can help. Zack then resorts to breaking it with his scythe, but despite Ray warning him it's made from iron, Zack still tries it and fails. This activates a Gatling gun to shoot at them. Fortunately, Zack pulls Ray out of the way from the rains of bullets. The floor master, Cathy, introduces herself from the announcement and tells them to go through with her punishments as they are sinners. Ray and Zack are required to take a mugshot like prisoners do to open the first door, using the cameras and nameplates with their names written on it to take the shoot. Ray properly takes Zack's photo, but hers is blurry because Zack presses the camera too strong.

Ray gets disappointed Zack is not trying to destroy the iron bars.

They then enter the first room, which looks like a courtroom but with an empty chair at the front. The door leading to the next one is barred by iron bars. Seeing Zack observing it, Ray asks if he's going to try to break it again, but to her disappointment, Zack answers he can't because it's made of iron, reminding the confused Ray that she's the one who said he can't break it in the first place in annoyance. Ray tries to find some clues again to get out but Zack then gets impatient and sits on the only empty chair. Ray tells Zack to get up from the chair as it is an electric chair to execute prisoner, but it was already too late for Zack who then gets shocked. Cathy gives Ray the clue to stopping the electric shock. Realizing the mechanism is the eyes of the dolls looking at Zack, Ray borrows Zack's scythe and uses it to cuts off the doll's heads, stopping the electric shock.

Ray finds the keycard.

Next, they go to a locked room that Cathy fills with poisonous gas and only have 5 minutes to decode the riddles. Ray has Zack to wear the gas mask first and will wear it only when the gas gets her. But as the gas mask is in the way of her vision, she gives it back to Zack to search for the change after solving the riddle but is about to pass out when the gas once again gets to her. Zack, however, helps her to get a hold of herself, which also helps her notice the opened vent near the ceiling. As neither of them is tall enough to reach it, Zack throws Ray into the vent where she finds the keycard. Ray is about to enter the keycard but loses her balance because of the poison so Zack tries it, but ends up accidentally breaking the card. As Cathy fills the room with more potent of poison, Ray resorts to explode the entire room by creating sparks using batteries and wires since the gas is flammable while she and Zack hide inside a safe.

Ray collapses while asking Zack if she's being useful to him.

Ray's plans work, allowing them to get out of the room. Ray collapses from the side-effect of the poison while asking Zack if she's being useful, to which Zack answers that she's done more than good. Cathy opens the door to able to escape the room. As Ray is still weakened from the gas, she walks slowly that causes Zack to get impatient. Since Zack refuses to leave her as he'll reach a dead-end without her, they decide to take a brief break at a corner where the camera won't see them. Ray sleeps for a few minutes until she gets better, finding Zack is also asleep. When she wakes him up, however, Zack goes into a bad mood because of a dream.

They find the prisons where Cathy imprisons the ones she condemned as her playthings and offers Ray and Zack to stay in her prison they do. One of the prisoners grasps her ankle, which Zack repeatedly stomps until Ray stops Zack as the prisoner has died. Sensing Zack's bad mood, Ray wonders what's gotten into him, but doesn't expect herself to understand Zack since she can't even understand her own feelings. They enter the room that split the two into two different obstacles. Ray chooses the one that requires her to go to the other side of the room by walking on a rope bridge with guns shooting at her. Ray finds the obstacle unexpectedly easy, so she arrives first before Zack. Seeing a big screen that shows Zack's location, Ray tries to help Zack to reach the other side by telling him the pillars' position he should jump to, but Zack angrily refuses to follow her instruction as he feels it makes him like a game pawn, which shocked Ray.

Ray asks Zack is he's okay with killing her in the present state.

In the next room, they must inject two serums, one contains vitamin and one possibly contains a lethal drug, to pass to the next room. Since they don't know which one is which, Ray offers to inject both of them to herself, angering Zack who questions what will happen if she dies while also reminding them of their oath. This makes Ray wondering why even though all she wants is to die, it won't do if Zack is not the one who kills her. Ray tells Zack she doesn't know herself, prompting Zack to take both injections and injects them both into himself despite Ray's attempt to stop him. When she finally finds Zack in the same place, Zack is overwhelmed by his bloodlust, wanting to kill so much. Ray tells him she doesn't mind but she asks Zack if he's okay with himself killing her in this state. This gives Zack enough time to be lucid enough to push Ray away from him and tells her not to let him kill her until they fulfil their oath.

Ray tells Zack that they are the ones to decide whether to kill or to be killed.

Respecting Zack's wish, Ray runs from Zack who is chasing after her until they stop at the final room where Cathy is watching them. As she is cornered, Ray is ready to resign herself to be killed, but Cathy shoots Zack with one of the Gatling guns, stopping him. Cathy then gives Ray a gun, urging her and Zack to kill each other. Zack urges her to do the same as it's hard for him to suppress his impulse to kill her, but Ray refuses, stating that neither she nor Zack are Cathy's tools, and whether kill or to be killed, she and Zack are the only ones who can decide it. Impressed by Ray's words and not wanting to kill her and then killed by Cathy, Zack resorts to cut his own stomach, shocking both Ray and Cathy.

Ray shoots Cathy.

Enraged at the sudden turn of events, Cathy reluctantly is about to make her move on Ray until Zack is revealed to be still alive. Seeing Cathy intends to torture Zack to death, Ray threatens Cathy with the gun she gave to her, only to find out the gun is unloaded. Affirming that Zack is the only one who can kill her, Ray bring out her own gun inside her bag and shoots Cathy. Her attention distracted, Zack takes the opportunity to cuts off Cathy's arm that's holding the controller of the Gatling guns and then kills Cathy for good. Ray approaches Zack, asking him if he cuts his stomach because he is happy, something that Zack denies. Despite his injured stomach, Zack insists they continue their way. Even though worried, Ray relents.

Ray is relieved that Zack is back to good mood.

The door to the elevator is still locked, but from reading the words on the wall that tells them to present their names to God, Ray picks and brings back the nameplates they used for taking mugshot and chose Zack's nameplate to place, opening the elevator. Ray then leaves behind nameplate with her name written on it. Inside the elevator, Zack praises Ray for shooting Cathy at the perfect timing and asks why she came to the building. Ray reveals that she witnessed a murder and is sent to counselling, but when she wakes up she's already at B7. When Zack asks about her gun, she answers the gun is hers and she has kept it all this time inside her bag wrapped in her handkerchief. This makes Zack confuses as to why she did' use it before, but Ray only says that she won't kill herself and Zack is the one who will kill her. Seeing Zack is back in good mood, Ray is also relieved, but this was cut short when Zack collapses from his injury.

Episode 3

Ray cuts the painting.

Ray drags Zack out of the elevator once they arrived at B2. Ray calls out to Zack and he momentarily regains his consciousness, but can't walk because of his injury before collapsing again. Ray decides to continue alone and look for medicine to stop the bleeding. She then smelled a sweet scent that causes her to see bizarre visions of rooms and paintings that requires her to bottle up her sin by destroying the paintings, including the one that shows her parents. Without hesitation, Ray cuts them all down and enters the room, which is a church. There, she meets the floor master, Abraham Gray, who tells her that the medicine she needs is at Danny's floor and she can go there if she goes with him. However, for that, Ray must take his trial. Unsure, Ray discusses with Zack about this, and Zack immediately objects for her to go alone until she pleads him. Before leaving with Gray, Zack tells her to go to B6 and bring him his knife in the room where they first met.

Ray activates the gatling guns to kill the prisoners.

On their way down, Ray must activate a switch at Cathy and Eddie's floors. To do this, however, she must pass through the people who had suffered under them. Seeing them as mere nuisances, Ray kills them all without hesitation to press the switch. At the same time, Ray also realizes that both Cathy and Eddie's bodies were missing. When she arrives at Danny's floor, however, she finds the room in disorder and there are no medicines. Without any choice, Ray goes to B6 and takes back Zack's knife. Seeing Zack's room, Ray realizes that she doesn't know anything about Zack and wishes to talk more with him so she can understand him even for a bit.

Ray is forced to face her selfishness

When she and Gray return to B2, however, Ray finds Zack has gone missing. Ray is suspicious that Gray is responsible, but Gray then accuses her as being the one who has ruined the lives of the floor masters and questions what if God doesn't approve of her oath with Zack. This unnerves Ray before she is taken to the trial again. She awakes and sees a giant snake chasing after her. She runs into a room where she finds Zack, but Zack then snaps her out that there's no snake chasing her, concluding she's hallucinating because of fear. Ray gives Zack his knife and learns that Danny is still alive. Ray insists that Zack should rest since he refused her offer to stitch his stomach, but Zack won't have it.

Ray firmly denies Zack's remark.

Zack tries to assure her that since he is a monster, he won't die so easily. This makes Ray questions if Zack doesn't see himself as a human, making Zack questions what it means to be a decent human being for her. Ray could only think the answer is to be someone desired by God, but Zack dismisses this and has come to terms with being viewed as a monster and all that matters is that he is honest. When Zack remarks if her God won't forgive her to be killed by a monster like him, Ray surprisingly answers seriously that she doesn't mean for it to be that way, ending the conversation. As they walked, Ray notices a painting of a snake that she finds familiar before realizing there is a horde of snakes coming at them. She snapped from her stupor when Zack pushes her back from the snakes. Ray went ahead and finds the door, informing Zack of it. But this made her failed to notice a snake above her, forcing Zack to use his scythe to kill it before it could get her, worsening Zack's injury.

Ray pleads to Zack not to push himself.

They manage to escape the snakes, but Zack soon lost his strength from the bleeding. Ray tells Zack to rest, worrying for him. Seeing Ray's concern that was never there before bewilders Zack so he finally asks why she was worrying for him and if she was feeling guilty for something. Ray tries to avoid the question by saying that she'll go to look for medicine and find it for sure this time, but Zack retorts that doing so was the same as her going to die. Ray defends her decision by reminding she has a gun with her, only for Zack to snatch the gun away from her and shows it was unloaded. This frustrates Zack who questions her contradictory behaviour and what's going in her head. Ray finally admits that she is confused about why she only wants Zack to kill her but can only think it's the oath made to God. She is further distressed when Zack says that he thinks God doesn't exist in the world. Ray becomes even more confused as she realized she doesn't want Zack to kill her just because he swore to God, but didn't understand why either, leading her to apologize to Zack.

Ray tries to smile.

As Ray is still in distress from her confusion, Zack orders her to smile even if she's bad at it. Following Zack's words, Ray forces herself to smile albeit sadly. Zack soon falls asleep again, letting Ray go to look for medicine and lent her his knife for protection. Accepting the knife, Ray continues her search for medicine, assuring herself that she'll be okay because Zack was there for her. She once again experiences bizarre visions that make her question if her oath with Zack to God means nothing, making her terrified that there'll be no salvation for her. When she returned to her senses, she finds herself back at Gray's church, facing the reverend once more. Gray then reveals that Danny was the one who lures her and he has the medicine that Ray needs for Zack. When Gray refuses to hand it to her, Ray tries to threaten him using Zack's knife but finds herself trembling while doing so, which Gray points out. Deeming her a selfish witch who had tricked the masters of the floors despite Ray's denial, Gray brings her to a courtroom where she'll be judged.

Ray reaches for Zack's knife.

To her shock, the supposed dead Eddie and Cathy, along with Danny, appears at the same courtroom to provide their testimonies to determine whether Ray is a witch or not. Ray calmly denies being a witch against Cathy and Eddie's testimonies against her or react at the sentences they proposed on her, but Ray begins to falter during Danny's testimony that also reveals Danny knows what Ray is trying to hide. Gray deems Ray a witch and sentences her to be burned to a stake despite Ray's repeated denial of her being one. For a moment, Ray is disheartened when Gray says that her God doesn't exist and that he is the God in this building, but Ray then insists again that her God exists. Zack's knife that he lent to her then fell from her pocket as she tried to reach it. Remembering Zack, Ray regains her resolve and manages to break through Gray's illusion, which shocked the reverend. Finally figuring that Gray used a chemical to make her hallucinate, this time, Ray doesn't hesitate to threaten Gray at knifepoint, demanding him to give her the medicine.

Ray tells Zack that she's good at stitching.

Obtaining the medicine, Ray returns to Zack's side, but not before hearing Gray once again calls her a witch, which this time she ignores. While applying the medicine on Zack's wound, Zack awakens. Since his stomach is cut open, Ray once again tells him to let her stitch it. When Zack says that he'll do it himself, Ray asks if he can stitch, but as she expected, he can't. As Ray is the only one who can stitch, Zack finally relents to let her. Noticing her own wounds, Zack asks why she's willing to go so far to save him. Ray tries to brush off the question, but Zack insists for her to answer. To Zack's shock, Ray answers that to her, he is her God. Finding it too much to think about it, Zack lets her think that way and tells her to tend to her wounds too.

Ray tells Zack that Gray has soft spot for him.

After the two of them were patched up, they proceed to the church and finds Gray is not present. Ray reveals that it's hard for her to obtain the medicine from him and also adds that Gray seems to have a soft spot for Zack, which disgusts the latter. Finding the elevator at the back of the place where she got the medicine, Ray and Zack proceed to go up again. While in the elevator, Ray asks Zack how he got his burns because she's curious. After hearing Zack's story, Ray admits that she doesn't find the story interesting in any way, but she's happy and glad because she now knows more about him, a sentiment that Zack also shares.

Ray tells Zack not to enter the room.

Ray then asks Zack if he still intends to get out of the building. Zack firmly confirms that his mind hasn't changed and reminds her that he hates liars. Hearing this, Ray tries to tell something to Zack, but then decides against it by feigning forget what she wanted to say. As they're nearing B1, Ray wonders what Zack, won she now has viewed as her God, would do if he finds out about what she's trying to hide from him and grow worried. This worry is furthered when they have finally arrived at B1, which is revealed to be some sort of the inside of a house with trails of blood. Ray begins to stress out as Zack looks around the floor and when he tries to open a door that leads to a room, Ray shouts at him not to open the door, but Zack already opened it and entered the room, prompting Ray to desperately chase after him.

Episode 4

Inside the room, Zack finds many fake flowers and corpses of a couple being stitched up sitting on a sofa. When Zack tries to get near to the corpses, Ray stops him and tells him not to touch anything. She then begins to have a panic attack, begging Zack to kill her immediately before he finds out everything. Before they could argue, Ray collapses from the shock. While she's unconscious, Zack is lured out of the room by Danny who then locks it and tells Zack to find out more about her if he wants the door open. As Zack searches through the whole floor, Zack finally realizes that Ray is none other than the floor master of B1 herself.

When Zack is finally able to enter the room, he wakes her up. Danny then appears again, holding Ray at gunpoint. Hearing Danny has told Zack everything about her, Ray returns to her emotionless state. Zack then questions if she is planning to kill him since he is on her floor. Ray denies this, but Danny tells her not to lie and reveals that deep inside, Ray actually wants to make Zack hers and the whole time she's actually using him so she can get away from facing her mistakes. Ray confirms this and questions, Zack, if he's going to continue to be her God, but Zack makes it clear to her that he is not a God. Reaching the edge, Ray makes a shot, which Zack able to dodge. She then begins to run, luring Zack to various traps that had been set in her whole floor.

Ray stops in her own room, holding Zack at gunpoint again. She admits that she can't go on without her God, and now knowing that Zack is not the God that she wants him to be, she accepts that her so-called God is dead. She shot the light of the room, allowing her to escape in the darkness and return to the living room where Zack once again confronts her. Danny then reappears behind Zack, pointing the gun to his head while Ray points hers from the front. However, instead of shooting Zack, Ray shots Danny, apologizing to the doctor that she can't live with him because she has reached her limit and Zack is hers to kill. Despite saying she's serious about shooting him, Zack pushes her down, stopping her. Ray starts to plead that she doesn't want to die while still being an abomination to God, but Zack points his scythe at her, reminding her that she made an oath to be killed not to the God she believed, but to him. Zack tells her to stop running away from herself and that she's her own person. Coming to terms with her twisted actions, Ray renews her oath with Zack and both reconciled.

As she was blindfolded when she brought into the building by Danny, Ray doesn't know where the exit is, so she and Zack once again venture the whole floor to look for clues. Since it would be the last time she'll be there, Ray requests for Zack to let her go to the lower room alone to say her goodbye. There, she unexpectedly meets Gray and is ready to defend herself with her handgun, but then remembered she dropped it during her confrontation with Zack. Gray, however, assures her that he means her no harm. Gray once more questions Ray of her choices and belief, and Ray admits that has come to terms that Zack is not her God and accepted herself, which was precisely why she has no intention to forgive that side of herself and therefore still wishes to die by Zack's hand. She affirms to Gray that she's herself and no one else. Before leaving, she asks Gray if the exit is on his floor, pointing out the fact that she has answered all of Gray's questions so it should be fair for Gray to answer her question this time. Accepting this, Gray admits that the exit is on his floor by hinting the stained glass inside the church.

Ray and Zack return to the living room to pick up her dropped handgun before going, but is shocked to find Danny once again missing and has broken her handgun, leaving them no choice but to leave without it. Back at B2, Ray realizes the exit is behind the stained glass, so she has Zack to break it. There, they find a staircase that leads above, and Ray then remembers that she went down through a long staircase when she was brought into the building, meaning that the stairs will lead them to the surface. Delighted, Zack and Ray go up. On their way, Zack suggests that they find Danny to kill him for good, but Ray is against it because Danny knows the inside of the building more than they are so staying longer would be dangerous for them. Agreeing with this, Zack gives Ray his knife for self-protection until the time he kills her since she has no weapon with her.

Right at that moment, Danny activates the self-destruct sequence of the building, causing it to steadily exploding. Ray directs Zack which debris that he can destroy, but then realizes that Zack is unable to move due to his fear of fire. To help him, Ray risks herself to get rid of the fire, assuring Zack that she'll guide him to the way out. Recovering from his fear, Zack destroys the debris that got in their way following Ray's instruction, overcoming his phobia in the process. Zack's scythe started to break due to the continuous use, but they eventually managed to reach the next floor right before the whole stairs collapsed, much to their relief. Seeing the exit right in front of them, Ray asks Zack if he is really going to kill her once they're outside. Ray admits that she wants him to wishes for her death because the thought of someone wishing for her makes her happy, and she's worried that she's just being selfish since Zack gave her his knife. She is relieved upon hearing that Zack gave her his knife so that she could protect herself until he kills her and he won't do something that he doesn't want.

However, just as they're going towards the exit, Ray is gravely injured by a reluctant shoot fired by Danny who must comply with the building's rules which do not allow sacrifices to leave alive. As Ray is bleeding out, she believes that she is going to die and apologizes to Zack for making a promise that she can't keep. Ray then assures Zack that he is a human, so he doesn't need to give everything for her sake. She explains to Danny that she doesn't wish to live in isolation only showered by Danny's love for her eyes, and her true wish is to be desired by someone in both life and death even for a fleeting moment, something that she came to realize as she and Zack made their way out from the building. When Danny questions why Rachel isn't in despair as he has stolen away her oath with Zack, Ray affirms that her oath with Zack is something only between the two of them, and thus cannot be stolen away by anyone even if it's not fulfilled. Before passing out, Ray tells Zack that she will carry the burden of their oath by herself, so he doesn't need to think of himself as a liar.

While Ray passed out, Gray arrives and saves Zack from Danny before the latter could deliver the killing blow. Using the remaining of his strength, Zack carries Ray and they are finally out of the building. Ray still remains unconscious even after getting out no matter how many times Zack calls her while trying to look for something that Gray said will save Ray. Soon after, police came and arrest Zack who surrenders himself while Ray is taken to protective custody. Thanks to this, Ray is saved, but because she showed a sign of delirium and attachment to Zack, Ray is taken to a rehabilitation facility. Despite being separated from Zack, Ray still clings to a small hope that their promise will be fulfilled, keeping Zack's knife with her. For this reason, she pretends to have gotten better in front of her counsellor.

One night after counselling, she heard from her counsellor that Zack is going to be executed. Ray feigned uncaring of the news and just return to her room. Ever since her separation with Zack, she's unable to sleep and can only close her eyes until morning, continuing thinking of Zack. Not long after, she hears a loud sound coming from the window. Hoping the one banging the window is Zack, Ray blocks the door using the sofa in her room and brings out the knife just in case it's someone else. To her surprise, Zack breaks through the window, greeting her. Ray asks why he is here since he's supposed to be in the prison and reminds him that she had said she will carry the burden of their oath. Zack, however, tells her that the oath is not hers to bear and she shouldn't decide it by herself. Hearing this, Ray asks if that means he still wants to kill her, feeling happy when Zack confirms it. As her counsellor has called the police and they are starting to push open the door, Ray quickly goes with Zack, once again asking him to kill her.

The next scene shows that Ray and Zack have disappeared from the room, with only a broken window with blood and Zack's knife left on the scene. In the novelization, once the police break through the door, and find that both of them are missing, they immediately conduct a search for Zack and Ray after the night they escaped together, however, the search is fruitless due to not having any single trace or clue of their whereabouts. Whether Zack has killed Ray or not is left uncertain. However, within the anime, the police search scene is not included, which makes their respective fates more ambiguous .



Zack and Ray.

Ray asks Zack to kill her in exchange she will help him escape from the building, forming an unusual partnership between them. At first, Ray simply tags along with Zack so that he can kill her as he promised and swore to God for it. Her apathy and constant reminder of their promise often annoyed Zack, causing him to constantly berating and lashing out at her. As the story progress, she eventually grows closer to Zack. When it comes to Zack's well-being, Ray breaks through from her apathy, showing concern for him and even begins to think she wants Zack to kill her not only because he swore to God to do it. Unlike most people Zack has met, Ray sees him not as a monster, tool, or even a serial killer, but as a person. This makes her want to know more about Zack in the hope of understanding him. For a while, Ray's twisted view caused her to eventually believed Zack as her God after he helped her so many times, and when Zack denied this, she was so distressed that she tried to kill him to make him hers. However, after Zack helped her come to terms with her actions and twisted view, Ray comes to genuinely care for Zack for who he truly is. This is further proven at the end of Episode 4, not wishing for Zack to frame himself as a liar, says she will take the burden of their oath, and that he will not have to worry about killing her, despite not having any reason to comfort him outside of preserving his feelings.


Ray first met Danny when she is taken for counselling with him as her counsellor. Danny is instantly captivated by Ray's blank blue eyes, which were the eyes that Danny has been looking for. Danny's obsessiveness pushed him to bring Ray to the building, hoping he could live with her in isolation so that he can forever see her blank blue eyes. While Ray initially followed through with living with Danny due to her apathy, Ray later reveals that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings toward her as she does not wish to live in isolation. Danny's obsessiveness for Ray is so strong that he would follow any of her wishes just so she can stay with him, and went as far as almost killing her when she rejected him in the end.


  • "...Please. Kill me." - Episode 1, to Zack.
  • "I'm sorry... Making you kill someone as boring as me." - Episode 2, to Zack.
  • "Both you and I are not her [Cathy's] playthings... Killing and being killed... Are both our decisions to make." - Episode 2, to Zack.
  • "I wanted a family." - Episode 4, to Danny.
  • "I wanted to achieve my own ideal. I couldn't accept anything other than that. ... But the Bible told me... That it was me who would not be accepted." - Episode 4, to Zack.
  • "Don't kill me! Not like this... Don't kill me!" - Episode 4, to Zack.


  • In the novel, Zack mentions that no one around Ray's age has ever been assigned as a sacrifice in the building, meaning that Ray is the youngest to be sent to B7 as a sacrifice.
  • In the novel, it's revealed that Ray is able to memorize any books she has read, even if it's only once.
  • According to the epilogue in Episode 4, Ray is diagnosed with delirium (specifically hypoactive delirium) which is exhibited throughout the entire game:
    • She has difficulty paying attention to her surroundings or following others as they speak. This is evident as Zack constantly tells her to stop spacing out. Another example is her mother's frustration with her (Ray's) lack of empathy.
    • Prior to the storyline, Ray obtained a bible and became fixated on the idea of the existence of God. After waking up with amnesia and meeting Zack as they ascended to escape the building, the mentioning of "God" has made her delusional to the point that she saw Zack as her God, though he denies it completely.
    • After Dr. Danny tells her that she will meet her parents in hell, she exhibits depression-like symptoms which continued via slow speech and apathy until Floor B1. However, she is still capable of expressing other emotions.
    • Her sense of reality is warped through the expressions of her perceived "perfection" by stitching and stuffing those who she endears afterward into dolls such as animals, her own parents, and even Zack.
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