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Edward Mason




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Also known as

Edward Mason (Real Name)

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Around 13


April 30



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154 cm (5'0")

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Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Two Older Brothers
One Younger Brother



Cause of Death

Killed by Zack

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Natsumi Fujiwara

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Brittney Karbowski

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Eddie (Edward Mason) is one of the antagonists of Satsuriku no Tenshi. He first appears on floor B4. He developed a crush on Rachel Gardner at first sight and became obsessed with burying her in one of his graves. He becomes the main character in the limited edition game Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode.Eddie, which explores more of his backstory.


Eddie Profile

Full Profile (Anime).

Eddie is quite short, said to be around Ray's height. He is wearing a red scarf around his neck, a jumper suit with a white T-shirt underneath, a burlap mask covering his face, brown gloves, and brown boots. He also has fair skin and was revealed to have red/scarlet hair in Episode NG and also has green eyes and freckles. He is often seen carrying a shovel everywhere since he's a grave keeper.


Eddie was once a kind and respectful boy who is very devoted to making graves following his family business. He is also an animal lover, taking great care of the pets in his house. His love for his pets made him go as far as to be willing to endure his oldest brother's abuse so the pets would be left alone. However, Eddie was also frustrated by the fact that his parents never gave him anything only for him but rather giving him old possessions of his older brothers to him and then his own is given to his little brother. The constant abuse from his brother and the deaths of his pets at the hands of his oldest brother eventually took a toll on Eddie. He began to consider all the graves he made as his treasure boxes, and so automatically believed that those who were buried in his graves belonged only to him. This drove him to commit murder so he could bury those he killed in his graves, effectively making them his own. Befitting of a kid his age, he is childish and immature if he doesn't get his way, and can tend to grow rather impatient as well.


Episode. Eddie

Eddie was born in a family that had been graveyard workers for generations. He was the third child of his family along with his three brothers and was often considered the best worker in the family business.

Young Eddie.

However, despite Eddie's hard work and determination in helping his parents, he's never got things of his own, as all the stuff he had belonged to his older brothers and the stuff he used to have all went to his younger brother. Even the family business was given to his older brothers although he worked better, longer and harder than the both of them.

His oldest brother, Albert, might have bipolar syndrome, as he always gets angry for no reason and starts to destroy things around him, including family pets. Eddie, loving the pets, pleaded Albert not to hurt the pets and offered his brother to vent his frustration on him. Since then, Eddie endured beating from his oldest brother every night but never told any of his family because he didn't want to cause any more problems.

One night, he met a cute girl, both initially mistaking one another for a ghost due to their appearance (in Eddie's case, his pumpkin mask). Since then, the two of them met every night and grew close, spending their time together talking or making graves, though the girl refused to talk about herself. Eddie even brought her to a secret spot that only he knew where he usually spent his time alone to forget his brother's abuse.

However, Albert's beating began to worsen and he started spending time in the living room at night, making it harder for Eddie to sneak out at night to meet the girl. To make things worse, the girl suddenly stopped coming no matter how many times he regularly visited the place where they would usually meet every night, making Eddie wondering if the girl also experienced the same thing as him as he remembered the bandages and her tattered clothes.

When another one of the family pets got killed by Albert and a cat got an incurable disease, Eddie "realized" that, if any of the pets died, he would be the one to make a grave for them, and it would be a "thing of his own". So, he started to get anticipated for his pets' death. Until he started to think that since the pets were killed by his brother, it's still considered to be his brother's belongings. He then killed the cat with his shovel and buried it in the graveyard. He laughed happily after burying the cat as he considered the cat to be "his stuff" now after he killed it with his own hands, also believing that he ended its suffering from his brother's abuse. After that, he started to kill animals randomly and bury them in the graveyard.

Eddie kills young girl

Eddie about to kill the girl.

After many nights passed, the girl finally returned in even worse condition. Eddie helped her walk until they reached their secret place where she finally admitted that she ran away from her abusive foster family and had nowhere to go and won't be a treasure to anyone. Eddie thought of it and asked if the girl would leave if there were other places for her to 'go back' to besides her home. Though the girl was never given a chance to answer as Eddie later killed her after a series of thoughts about having her as a "thing of his own" by burying her in his graveyard.

It is still unknown how Eddie ended up in the building, but it is believed he was brought in by Gray. In Episode.0, Eddie seemed to have known Gray before Danny or Cathy did as Gray requested Eddie's help to bury the body of an escaped prisoner that Danny had killed.


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Translations are taken from the official English release.

Episode 1


Eddie prepares on his own floor off-screen.

B4 - Graveyard

When Ray and Zack make it to his floor, Eddie has written Ray a note, proclaiming his love for her and claiming to know everything about her, including her wish to die. Ultimately, he wants to give her a place of eternal rest. He uses the darkness as cover to plant more notes in Ray's path and laughs to let her know he's watching her every step. When she and Zack are separated, Eddie confronts Zack, but again uses the darkness to his advantage when taunting Zack. He says he'll be the one to kill Ray because they were practically made for each other and because, unlike Zack, he understands her desires.

Afterwards, he appears before Ray in the water control room. He repeats what he claimed in his notes, about knowing her desires and wanting to put her to rest. He questions her on why she chooses to stay with Zack when she doesn't immediately agree for him to be her executioner, getting even more frustrated when she brings Zack's promise. Eddie retreats when Zack breaks through the wall to get to Ray, but leaves her with parting words that he'll wait for her, meaning he'll be in the final room to get off B4.

B4 - Power Room

In the game, manga, and novel, Eddie chases Ray through the maze as she searches for the control panel to turn on the lights. Ray tricks Eddie to attack at a wrong spot by throwing some rocks until she finally turn on the lights. He feels betrayed when she does so, also confused as to why she would chose Zack over him despite all his hard work to appeal for her. With no darkness to use as cover, his position is exposed to Zack who points out that he has been rejected by Ray. Eddie pleads to Ray one last time to let him kill her, but to his dismay, Ray rejects him once more. Letting his guard down, Zack cuts him down and pushes his body into the grave at the center of the maze that was originally meant for Ray.

In the anime, Ray tricks Eddie into dropping the controller he holds, which control the lights, by blinding his vision with her flashlight up-close and then slams him to the tombstone. The scenario afterwards plays out similarly, which Eddie asking Ray why she won't choose him and being killed by Zack in a grave meant for Ray.

Episode 3

Eddie appears as a hallucination that Ray saw from the hallucinogen spread by Gray. He taunts Ray for heartlessly stomping o the hands of the corpses that appeared from underground and states how selfish she is.

He then appears again during the court session together with Cathy and Danny as witnesses to testify against Ray, claiming that he will tell what he likes about her and what he dislikes about her. Eddie wanted to go first, but to his chagrin, Cathy requests to go first. Reluctantly, Eddie and Danny lets Cathy to testify first. After Cathy's testimony, Eddie testifies how much he liked Ray and could see many similarities between her and himself that he believed they would be a match. However, after being killed, he realized that unlike him. everything that Ray did was only for herself and he couldn't understand why she's so stubborn of choosing Zack over him. This leads him to conclude that Ray is a witch and requests that she's being sentenced to death by being stabbed by spikes. However, seeing Ray ignoring him, Eddie grows desperate, making Gray ends his testimony while telling the boy that he has let his heart being bewitched by Ray, forcing Eddie to stand down.

Modus Operandi

Eddie initially killed animals by pummelling them with his shovel and then buried them and even made them graves. As a floor master, despite his youth and small stature, Eddie is able to kill victims who are older and bigger than him by using the darkness of his floor to blind their vision, coupled with his agility. Eddie usually delivers a fatal strike to the head, instantly killing his victim. Like the animals and the girl before, Eddie buries and makes graves for those he has killed himself in his floor. Against Zack, Eddie is heavily dependent on the darkness of his floor to fight because even though he is agile, Zack is still stronger and faster.


"I'm more interested in getting that girl's grave finished. I'm...I'm in love!"

"The only freedom we're given is for our actions on our own floors..."

"Don't you know? Graves are dark, cool, and comfy!"


The Girl

Eddie befriended the unnamed girl when she found him making a grave in the middle of the night by coincidence. The two of them quickly grew close with each other, sneaking out of the house every night to meet at the graveyard where they mostly spent their time talking and Eddie even taught her how to make graves. Eddie is very fond of the Girl to the point he refused to let anyone take her, which led him to kill and bury her in his grave. Coming from an abusive family, the Girl found solace and comfort in Eddie, doing her best to make him happy whenever he was sad in return. Her closeness to Eddie reached the point where the Girl willingly resigned herself when Eddie was about to kill her, feeling satisfied to be one of Eddie's treasures within the graves that he made.

Rachel Gardner

Eddie and Ray Ep 3-03

Eddie and Ray.

Eddie fell in love with Ray at first sight and since then determined to kill her and bury her in one of his graves, even making her grave the best one amongst other graves he had made. He claims that they are very similar in wanting something of their own, so he often compares himself with her and says they are meant for each other. For this reason, he attempts to convince Ray to have him kill her instead of Zack several times, but in the end, fails horribly. Her rejection only increases his desire to kill and bury her even more.


Zack and Eddie Ep 3-01

Eddie shows a strong dislike for Zack, seeing him as an obstacle that gets in the way between him and Ray to be together. His dislike for Zack causes him to make the grave for Zack the worst of all the graves he made and even left it half-done. His dislike grew stronger after Ray prefers to be killed by Zack instead of him, making Eddie throwing a tantrum by calling Zack dumb and more of a brat than himself. Zack also returns Eddie's hatred against him, annoyed by Eddie's nerve for making the worst grave for him and constantly calling him the boy "damn brat" or "grave digging shit-head".


  • Eddie's face is never revealed in the game. However, it was in both the manga and the anime. Eddie is revealed to h
    Eddie eye

    Eddie's eye colour in the anime.

    ave messy orange hair and his eye color is emerald.
    • A few of his sprites from the game have been shown with his eyes present beneath the mask, leaving the majority of his face a mystery at the time.
  • Eddie's mask is shown to make facial expressions. Although, this could only be for comical relief.
  • It is hinted that, in addition to burying his own victims, Eddie buries the bodies of the victims killed in other floors. In the game, the body of a man killed in B3, Cathy's floor, can be found in floor B4's morgue.