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Daniel Dickens




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Daniel Dickens (Real Name)

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September 2



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179 cm (5'10")

Hair Color

Olive Green

Eye Color

Grey (left)
Red & Green (right /false eye)


Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father (deceased)




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Episode 1

Voice Actors
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Takahiro Sakurai

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Derick Snow

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Danny (Daniel Dickens) is one of the antagonists in the game, Satsuriku no Tenshi. He first appears on floor B5. He was Rachel Gardner's counseling doctor. He is obsessed with Ray's eyes, particularly the lifelessness they display.


Danny Profile

Full Profile (Anime)

Danny is a man with olive green hair parted down the middle. He says that his right eye doesn't work very well and that eye is dark with no reflection of light (but that's because Danny was born without a right eye, so it's a fake eye, after all). He wears round glasses. Danny also has a false eye that he will wear that is a combination of a red and green eye. He wears a typical doctor's coat with a brown vest over a dark blue shirt and a brown, green, and red striped tie, and also wears brown pants and shoes.

When Danny was a little kid, he wore an eye-patch over his right eye, a vest over a shirt and shorts.


At first, Danny appears to be a normal doctor assisting Ray. However, their time together soon fell apart as Danny continuously tells Ray to take care of her eyes.

His eye fetish stems from his childhood after witnessing his mother's dead eyes. Since then, Danny began collecting them which was shown on his floor and in the manga.

Danny is very clever as he survived throughout most of the game, pretending to be dead even after being targeted by the protagonists. Unlike Zack, Danny is more monstrous and cunning, wanting nothing more than to possess Ray's eyes. He even mocked the serial killer for caring towards the young girl especially taunting him with the medications he stole from his own floor as Ray attempts to retrieve them to treat his wounds.

Despite his malicious impression, Danny is a pitiful character. The persecution he experienced due to his handicap made Danny views himself that he is degenerate and ugly, believing that no one but his deceased mother would ever love him for who he is. According to Gray, Danny's obsession to keep Ray close was because he wishes for her to love him back, which implies that Danny actually yearns to be accepted and loved regardless of his missing right-eye.


Born without a right eye, Danny was subjected to discrimination from society: people shunned him for his handicap, his parents argued about him, and even received beatings from others. This discrimination extends to his mother who suffers the most. The sad look from his mother's eyes gave birth to his eye fetish as he thought his mother's empty blue eyes were beautiful.

Child Danny Ep 1

Child Danny found his mother hanging herself.

Not wanting to suffer anymore, Danny's mother committed suicide by hanging herself, which saddened Danny as he no longer could see her beautiful eyes, though at the same time he still found her eyes beautiful in death. After his mother's death, he was left in care of his father who constantly neglected him as he refuses to accept Danny as his son due to his handicap. Since then his eye fetish grew exponentially which carried into his adulthood.

Longing to see the same eyes that his deceased mother had, Danny continued his education and eventually became a psychologist working at a facility where he met Cathy and Lucy. His profession was chosen not because he wanted to help those in need but because he felt that finding his perfect idea of beautiful dead eyes on people would be more likely to happen there.

After meeting Gray, Danny decided to assist Gray in his experiment by searching potential killers for the role of the "Angels" in Gray's experiment, recruiting Cathy and Shin. During his time at the underground facility, Danny was assigned as the master of Floor B5 while still continuing his job as psychologist.

A few years after becoming floor master, he was assigned to counsel Rachel Gardner, the sole witness of her parents' murder. The moment he met Ray, Danny instantly became obsessed with her eyes and wanted to claim them for himself since they looked a lot like those of his dead mother. Finally finding the eyes he has been looking for, Danny kidnapped Ray, bringing her to the experiment building and recommended her to Gray to become the floor master of B1.

For a while, Danny spent most of his times taking care of Ray in B1, helping her in setting various traps while bringing her gifts that he thought she would like. Unfortunately for Danny, their days together ended when Ray discovered and read a bible that caused her to develop twisted faith in God. As Gray's experiment is to determine religious faith, this effectively made Ray fitting the criteria to become a sacrifice. Without a choice, Danny must let Ray be sent to B7 as a sacrifice while hoping she'll return to her emotionless self.


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Episode 1

Ray and Danny Ep 1-02

Danny assures Ray that she's safe with him.

Danny makes his first appearance within the story when Ray makes it to floor B5. He walks out of a room near the entrance of said floor, and is quick to jog Ray's memories of him being her psychiatrist. He explains that the building is the playground of the psycho killer, and that if either of them are caught they'll be as good as dead. He proceeds to accompany Ray for most of the floor. Most players are immediately wary of Danny due to him forgetting about having certain keys, and making various eye comments as the two progress. He seems more concerned with Ray's eyes than anything else, asking if her peepers need a rest and yelling at her not to get dust in her eyes.

Ray and Danny Ep 1-04

Danny tells Ray about his past.

When the two arrive in an operating room, Danny tasks Ray with finding "something important," as he puts it. This item of his turns out to be his unique glass eye that has two pupils within it. He asks Ray to wait in the other room while he puts it in, to which she complies though comments that he's acting strange and that she isn't sure if she should wait. Upon discovering that Danny has locked the door, Ray locates a crowbar and pries the door open. Just as she finishes, Danny appears behind her and announces that he is the master of B5. His face is then revealed as he asks for Ray's peepers. He quickly captures her and secures her to the operating table. Ray struggles to escape, saying that she just wants to see her mom and dad again.

Danny Ep 1-02

Danny tells Ray she'll meet her parents in hell.

Danny then makes a passing comment that she'll see her parents in Hell. This causes Ray to remember what she did to her parents, or that they are simply dead. Danny notices the light vanishing from her eyes and he releases her, only to be slashed by the killer from the last floor, Zack. He also attempts to kill Ray, though he is bored with her reaction. An announcement states that Zack is a traitor for attacking Danny, and that he is also a sacrifice. Zack makes a run for it, leaving Ray to activate the elevator. Danny appears to be dead on the ground, however the player can see him move upon leaving the room.

Episode 3

Danny reveals himself to be alive at B2, finding Zack unconscious due to the self-inflict wound from B3. Danny intended to kill Zack, but the latter regained his consciousness before Danny could make his move. Danny reveals to Zack that he has expected him to leave his floor to chase after Ray, so he had prepared safety measures by wearing bulletproof vest that contains fake blood beneath his jacket. He then questions Zack where Ray is since they were supposed to be together, and for a moment got furious when hearing the possibility of Zack has already killed her, exclaiming that her eyes belongs to her. He was at first confused when Zack reveals that Ray wishes for him to kill her, but then has pretty much idea why she wishes so and was glad that she is still alive. Danny offers to tend Zack's wound using the medicines he has in return for Ray's eyes, but Zack rejects the deal. Knowing Zack is still stronger than himself despite his injury, Danny leaves while he can. He meets up with Gray and leaves the medicines he carried to lure out Ray.

Episode 4

Danny tricks Zack into coming out the room where he left the unconscious Ray and then locks it inside, preventing Zack from entering. He instructs Zack to search through the whole B1 floor to know more about Ray as the floor itself is her essence, promising to let him enter the room if he does so without harming Ray. After Zack completed the task and realises that Ray is in fact the master of B1, Danny explains more in detail that he was the one who brought Ray and made her a floor master until she was made a sacrifice for reading a bible. He points out how Ray has been deceiving Zack so she could die by his hands to get away from her sin and taunts Ray that deep inside she actually wants to make Zack her own.

When Ray begins to try to kill Zack after he rejected to become her God, Danny retracts his earlier promise to let Zack get out from the building and assist Ray. Once Zack has Ray cornered in the living room, Danny points a gun at Zack's head from behind to allow Ray to deal the finishing blow. However, to his shock, Ray instead shoots him because she wants to kill Zack himself. Danny once again pretended to have died from the shot. When Zack and Ray leaves the living room to activate the elevator, Danny disables Ray's handgun that she dropped and proceeds to activate the self-destruct sequence of the building.

Just before Zack and Ray can exit the building, Danny critically shoots Ray, and then Zack when he attempted to help her, to stop the promise between them being fulfilled. He taunts and mocks Zack for failing to keep his promise with Ray. When Ray says that she doesn't mind with Zack not giving everything she wants because he is a human, Danny became enraged and reminds her that he has given her foods, clothes, toys, and the floor itself for her and kept her alive, while Zack only gives her an old knife and a ridiculous promise. Distraught by Ray's rejection, Danny attempts to kill Zack, but he is stopped by arrows shot by Gray, which lets Zack and Ray to escape the building.

Danny questions Gray why he stops him. He admits that he was being selfish, but Danny also insists that his actions have contributed in Gray's experiment, something that Gray confirms, explaining that Danny's actions have let him to witness the growth between Zack and Ray's relationship that led him to realise that all of them are humans. As Danny laments that he can no longer love Ray's eyes because she's no longer alone, Gray points out that Danny's desire to stay by Ray's side and continue to love her eyes is because he was hoping that one day Ray would return his love in return, shocking Danny. Danny then asks Gray for one last time what he sees of humanity, to which Gray answers that he sees both ugliness and beauty, and Danny is one of them. With his end near, Danny tearfully laments how late for Gray to call him beautiful at his last moment and accept his fate.

Afterwards, it was reported in the news that several unidentifiable bodies were found beneath the remains of the destroyed building, one presumed to be Danny.

Modus Operandi

Before becoming floor master, Danny targeted his patients with eyes that he thinks closely resembling his dead mother. As all of his victims are his patients with mental problems, whatever claim of their eyes being stolen is noted as mere delusional ravings in their charts. He initially only took their eyes using his barehands while still letting them live and then preserve the eyes as trophies. After becoming a floor master, he killed his victim first before taking their eyes. His exact method of killing is not know, but one of his known victims is shown to be killed by hanging.


  • "I'll give you a hint: my eye is alexandrite." – Episode One, to Ray


Rachel Gardner

Danny is assigned to be Ray's therapist. He became obsessed with Ray's eyes at first sight that led him to kidnap her and made her floor master so he could keep her to himself. He made sure that Ray will continue to live in solitude as he believed only then she'll accept him as he is and so dedicated himself to fulfil Ray's wishes. Even after Ray was made a sacrifice and temporarily lost her memories, Danny was still obsessed with her. According to Gray, Danny's devotion for Ray while showering her love were done because Danny actually hopes that one day Ray will return his love. Therefore, Danny became enraged and heartbroken when Ray rejected him, driving him to try to kill her.


Danny and Zack rarely meet and talk with each other and didn't think much of it. However, they formed antagonistic interaction after Zack formed partnership with Ray whom Danny was obsessed with. Zack's growing relationship with Ray caused him to despise Danny as the latter was determined to get Ray's eyes even if it meant killing her, and Danny despised Zack after Ray chose and grew to genuinely cares for him while rejecting Danny. Ray's affection for Zack fuelled Danny's jealousy, causing him to do whatever it takes to prevent the vow they made to be fulfilled to the point he was willing to die for it.


Danny and Cathy have known each other for long since they worked at the same prison state. Both have a rather civil interaction as co-workers after they realized of each other's twisted desires and came to mutual agreement of keeping it a secret. Danny has stated several times how he doesn't like her, usually talking to her only if it's necessary, though he doesn't seem to hate her either. Cathy has shown interest in Danny after discovering his obsession with eyes, often confiding to him about certain prisoners to gain more information that could be useful for her punishments. Despite being normally civil, Danny is also wary of Cathy and kept some distance with her as he knew that she also views him as a sinner that she wishes to condemn if she could, something that Cathy admits herself.



  • Danny was born with anophthalmia.
  • He is the first "Angel" to be recruited by Gray.
  • In the novel, it's revealed that Danny originally wanted to be an eye-doctor, but changed his mind when his father mocked his intention because he lacks one eye.