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Catherine Ward




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Catherine Ward (Real Name)

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October 25



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174 cm (5'8")
166 cm(without boots)

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Blonde (w/ Pink highlights)

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Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father (deceased)




Chapter 9


Episode 4

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Mariya Ise

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Jamie Marchi

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Cathy (Catherine Ward) is one of the characters in Satsuriku no Tenshi, and the main antagonist during Episode 2, where she first appears.


Cathy Profile

Full Profile (Anime)

Cathy is a fairly tall woman. She has shoulder-length blonde dyed pink hair with bangs and green eyes. She seems to be wearing red lipstick and has long lashes. Her outfit consists of a rectangular hat, a black short-sleeved blazer with a red tie, a mini pencil skirt with a slit on the side, red gloves with her right hand having a ring, and thigh-high heeled boots. She is almost always seen with her small red whip.

She didn't have her hair dyed pink prior to the events in the game, as shown in Episode 0.


Cathy is mainly characterized by her interest in sinners (as she calls Zack and Ray "my lovely sinners"), and how she wants to punish them. She calls herself "The Condemner" as a reference to how she takes care of her sinners. Sadistic, she sets up complicated deadly games on her floor and enjoys watching people getting crushed by them; or succeeding, making them even more interesting subjects to her. She's also rather extroverted and eccentric, and very expressive. At one point, she was called a sadist-masochist by Zack.


Before Meeting the Priest

The background of Cathy remains unknown in the game, but in Chapter 19 to 21 of the manga, her backstory started with a girl named Lucy which claims to have known Cathy since childhood.

Cathy was said by Lucy to be a smart, pretty and active girl from childhood and has never changed. She was also a popular girl in high school too. Lucy adored her perfection and often portrayed Cathy as a human who should have high boundaries to categorize humans and punish the ones who sinned. And she wanted to be an important person to her, but can't because she is such an ordinary girl.

One rainy day when Lucy was reading the newspaper, she was shocked to find out that Cathy's parents were killed. It was said that Cathy's parents are both doctors so Cathy had a good education. But both were killed by angry family members because of serious medical errors. Originally, Lucy thought that Cathy would be in despair and needed help and comfort, but when she went to the funeral, she found out that Cathy remained completely unmoved and told Lucy to not say the same words as others. She then made an oath to herself that she would always stay loyal to Cathy because of her perfection.

After her parents' death, Cathy's popularity immediately went downhill as she stayed the same and seem completely indifferent about it. Schoolmates called her "disgusting" and even messed up her locker while Lucy tried to clean it off for her. Her old friends even formed a group together to bully her from time to time.

One day while Lucy was walking down the school hallway, she overheard a conversation in a classroom. She took a peek and found out that the girls of the group had stolen acid from the lab and planned to throw it onto Cathy's face. Lucy then barged in and had a fight with the girls until some teachers went into the classroom. She told on the girls for stealing the acid and the teacher told her to go to the medical room as she had acid spilled on her clothes.

Instead of going to the medical room, Lucy went to meet Cathy in a classroom and heard that she was pretty impressed about what happened as she saw the incident through a window. She then expressed her loyalty to Cathy, claiming that she would do anything for her. Because to her, Cathy's everything is justice and those who bullied Cathy are sinners, she even said that Cathy's the only one in the world who have the power to decide who are sinners and who are not. Cathy was shocked by this confession but said that it was a matter of course and told her to do the job smartly.

The story continues a few days later while Lucy was walking down the hallway and got shoved into a classroom by the girls who previously stole the acid. It was later known that one of the girls was suspended but came back to seek revenge. She brought a man to school for the plan and attempted to make her apologize and beat up Cathy later on by threatening her with a knife. Cathy then appeared by the door to the girl's surprise because she had her friends guarding it. But Cathy scared them away by the just fake screaming teacher. Cathy asked what they were doing and the girl replied that she was punishing Lucy. She then sat on the table, much to the girl's annoyance, she tried to attack her but ended up getting kicked.

The man later tried to attack Cathy but was stopped by Lucy. She then yelled at the girl for being foolish and claiming that only Cathy has the power to apply judgment no matter what happens, she asked Cathy who's the sinner. But was interrupted by the man who slashed her with the knife by accident. She asked the question again and Cathy replied with "you know who it is". The girl then became furious with the "judgment" and said that the man was the one who stabbed Lucy. The man then ran off screaming it wasn't on purpose. Cathy stood up and told the girl deserves punishment and that she doesn't even know what she has done wrong. The girl then ran off as well and claimed that she hasn't done anything wrong.

After the incident, Lucy said that if she wants to give the sinners punishment, she could carry out them for her and she wanted to go by her justice. Cathy agreed to that and also told her that the way she could say such sharp words while she's furious was amazing. The scene then turned to the train accident which occurred in the very first page of Cathy's story when Lucy pushed the girl who sought revenge earlier onto the train tracks which caused her to get crushed by the train. Lucy then thought to herself that one day no one will be able to oppose Cathy.

This loyalty remained even after graduating from high school. Both of them became prison guards. They became the "condemners" there and killed several convicts before Cathy got an invitation from Gray to go to the underground facility. She then quit her job and "condemned" Lucy for killing too many "sinners".

Episode 0

In the prequel of the manga, Cathy and Lucy were said to be prison guards in XX State Prison, where they meet Daniel Dickens. Many convicts were sent to have counselling with Danny because of the horrifying scenes of Cathy and Lucy killing convicts they saw in prison. One convict shows a horrifying expression when having counselling, to which Danny claims to be normal. But when he asked him about how it was in prison, the convict snapped and shouted that the two women were killing convicts one by one and that he would be next. He yelled that it was terrifying and that the screams in his ears won't stop. The convict was then taken by Lucy and another prison guard to a solitary confinement cell.


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Translations are taken from the official English release.

Episode 1

Cathy prepares her own floor off-screen.

Episode 2

Cathy greets Ray and Zack when they reached her floor, praising Zack in particular whom she deems as an ideal sinner. She would allow them to reach her, but only if they go through each trial in her floor. She directs them to go through with the criminal procedure like taking mugshots and explain the stages of her floor. When Zack and Ray reach the first room and Zack sits on the electric chair and trapped sitting there, Cathy reveals herself through a monitor. She begins to torture Zack by activating the electricity of the chair to the fullest rate and won't stop until Ray solves the mechanism of the electric chair.

On the next room, she traps both of them and begins filling the room with poisonous gas while only providing them with one gas mask and five minutes to solve the riddles. She laughs and mocks Zack when he accidentally broke the keycard necessary to open the door because he entered it the wrong way, and refused to give them exit, prompting Ray to blow up the whole room using the available batteries, wires, and handkerchief as a bomb since the gas is flammable. Praising their effort, Cathy allows them to continue to the next room where she is holding her prisoners captive, offering both Ray and Zack eternal imprisonment as her playthings, which Zack strongly refuses.

Cathy finally meets them face-to-face when Zack and Ray reached two separate rooms where Cathy explains that they must inject themselves with two syringes in which one of them is a possibly lethal drug to open the door. To make it easier for them, Cathy allows one person to inject both syringes. After Zack injects both syringes into himself and lost to his urge to kill, they reached the last room where Cathy is watching them. She shoots right before Zack could kill Ray, giving Ray a gun so that both of them can be on even ground and promise the one who survived a better punishment. Both Zack and Ray refuses to harm one another, so Zack cuts himself open, seemingly killing himself.

This enrages Cathy as she can't find any joy in killing Ray who she deems a failure as a sinner. Before she can kill Ray, Cathy is delighted to find Zack still alive and is determined to kill him, but Ray then reveals her own gun and shoots Cathy. Angered by the sudden change, Cathy prepares to kill Ray again, but her hand that was holding the remote to the Gatling gun is cut off by Zack who awakes. Defenseless, Cathy is instantly killed by Zack.

Episode 3

Cathy's hallucination appears in front of Ray, taunting her for killing all the prisoners she had imprisoned. She then appears again during Gray's trial to determine that Ray is a witch. She insists on giving the first testimony that Ray is a witch, accusing the girl of outwitting her by convincing Zack to cut himself open so Cathy would come down and then shot her. For this reason, Cathy demands Ray to be sentenced to be drowned to death. However, to her surprise, Ray is indifferent of the water torture she was given and Gray ends her testimony, forcing Cathy to step down.

Modus Operandi

As a jailer, Cathy takes joy in torturing prisoners that she deems as unforgivable sinners. She usually brought the prisoners into an empty prison cell without surveillance cameras or to an underground room where she kept her torturing tools. She either tortured the prisoners herself or had Lucy torture them as she watched. However, despite having tortured the prisoners regularly, she usually had Lucy deal the killing blow. Only when she is chosen as a floor master does Cathy finally begin to commit the killing acts herself.

As a floor master, Cathy doesn't immediately kill her victims, but rather has them go through various trials and riddles on her floor, giving them a chance to survive until they either can't solve the riddles or reach the last room where she kills them using her Gatling guns while watching. Unlike other floor masters who would kill all of their victims, Cathy makes several exceptions, imprisoning them within her floor as her playthings.


  • "A sinner has no right of choice." – Episode Two, to Ray


Isaac Foster

Cathy takes an instant liking to Zack, viewing him as her 'ideal sinner' due to his monster-like qualities. Ever since Zack and Ray come to her floor, Cathy tends to taunt Zack, enjoying to see him suffering her punishments throughout her floor and is very intent on ending his life with her own hands. For this reason, she becomes furious when Zack cut himself open, which denies her the joy of executing him. Zack, as he does with the rest of the floor masters, develops instant hatred for her due to her mind games and her sadomasochistic tendencies that cause him to become her main target. This further intensifies when Cathy indirectly reminds him of how he used to be treated as a tool. As a result, he has no hesitation in killing Cathy, feeling satisfied when he finally killed her.

Rachel Gardner

Cathy doesn't pay much attention to Ray as she prefers Zack more. Cathy also considers Ray boring due to her apparent apathy and calls her a failure of a sinner, so she doesn't feel excited when it comes to punishing Ray. Only when Ray shows her hidden cold and fierce nature when she shoots Cathy that Cathy finally recognizes her as a sinner.

Daniel Dickens

Cathy has known Danny since before their becoming floor masters, both working at the same prison state. Cathy's interest in Danny is first shown when she realized that Danny was similar to her, and with their interest crossed with each other, both mutually agreed to keep quiet about each other's twisted secrets. Cathy sometimes confided in Danny about the prisoners that she wished to punish, using the results of the counseling to make her punishment easier. Despite having rather civil interactions, Cathy doesn't make Danny an exception of a sinner that she wants to punish, a fact that Cathy admits to Danny himself. Danny is fully aware of this and keeps a certain distance from Cathy and never talks to her unless it's necessary, though even before this Danny had stated that he never liked Cathy.


A woman who has been loyal to Cathy since childhood. They attended the same all-girls' school where Lucy praised Cathy for her 'perfection.' After Cathy's parents were murdered, Lucy remained loyal to Cathy, even going as far as to save her from her bullies. Cathy at first didn't pay much attention to Lucy and thought she was an idiot whom she couldn't have a decent conversation with. However, after witnessing how far Lucy would go for her sake, Cathy found her useful and kept her by her side, which lasted until they became jailers. Cathy manipulates Lucy to do her bidding and has her deal the finishing blow when it comes to killing prisoners. It's later revealed that Lucy's loyalty made Cathy choose her to become her first victim. When she is chosen to become a floor master, Cathy kills Lucy herself, and Lucy is pleased to know that she is the first person Cathy killed.


  • She is the only floor master who purposely left some of her victims alive.
  • Her floor is the one with the most riddles and the longest to solve in the game.
  • The causes of death on her floor are based on state death penalties.
  • She is bad at drawing.
  • She is stated to be a spendthrift by both Gray and Danny because of her extravagant shopping habits, and because her floor is the most expensive by far.
  • She cackles with the signature Noblewoman's Laugh, which Zack displays immense irritation for on numerous occasions.
  • In Episode 0, she claims to have never once felt doubt in her life.
  • In the game, her M.O. is foreshadowed in B4, Eddie's floor, where the body of a man killed by gunshot can be found.