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Abraham Gray
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Eiburahmu Gurei

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Abraham Gray (Real Name)
The Reverend

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White (sclera /no pupil)




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Episode 7: Who are you?

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Hochu Otsuka

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R Bruce Elliott

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Abraham Gray (エイブラハム·グレイ Abraham Gray) is one of the characters in Angels of Death. He serves as the floor guardian of Floor B2, using drug-induced illusions to study sacrifices. He can be considered as the most significant antagonist in the story as his rules for the experiment building was responsible for Ray becoming a sacrifice despite her being one of his "Angels". However, he later becomes an ally to Ray at the end of Episode 3 and rest of Episode 4.


Full Profile (Anime)

Gray is a tall, seemingly middle-aged man with short black hair that is slicked back, his eyes are only white with no pupils visible at all. His clothes consist of a long purple cloak with golden lining, a golden cross necklace, and a black suit vest with a white buttoned shirt underneath. He also wears black dress pants and shoes. He also has seemingly fair skin.


Gray is an extremely eloquent and serious man, able to mesmerize his listeners through words, and harbors a cold and logical heart without mercy. Despite his position as a reverend, Gray himself doesn't believe in the existence of God, simply taking the role because he is intrigued by religious faith in people. He seems to have a thirst for knowledge, going to any length to acquire the knowledge he seeks even if it means sacrificing people's lives.

He appears to speak in a Shakespearean-like language, always replacing normal words with "thou", "thy", "whilst", and so on.


Not much is known about Gray before the start of the story other than he have witnessed people who believe in God ever since he was young. Growing while observing those people, Gray became curious as to how people are still able to stay committed into their faith in God and questioning if God exists, how he feels when he saw such people. This curiosity most likely what led him to decide to become a reverend.

He became a reverend at a small church at a town where he gains many followers who were mesmerized by his speech and ability to see through their true selves, unaware of his use of drugs to expose them. With his curiosity finally reached its peak, Gray decided to start an experiment to determine the meaning of religious faith by giving people who believe in God a trial. He prepared a building to facilitate this experiment, but having difficulties to find people who will be the ones to give the trial as the people he needed were serial killers who're capable of killing without any restraint or hesitation. As he was trying to determine what exactly religious faith is, Gray positioned himself as the eye of God while the serial killers he gathers are his angels and the people given trials are sacrifices.

A few years before the main story, Gray was visited by Danny and Cathy who have heard of him from a religious fanatical prisoner they detained. Using his drug, he ascertained Danny's true self, and deeming Danny fulfilled the criteria to become an angel, Gray invited him to help his experiment. With Danny's help, Gray was able to gather the remaining serial killers and finally begin his experiment.



Please be aware that this section contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the Angels of Death game.
Please proceed with caution.

Episode 3

Gray made his first appearance when Ray and Zack arrived at floor B2. Sensing their arrival, Gray spread his drugs around the room that leads Ray to the church, causing her to hallucinate until she reaches the church and meets Gray. Knowing that Zack is injured during their struggle against Cathy in B3, Gray reveals that Ray can get medicine at Danny's floor, B5, and he can take her there if she agrees to go through with his trial. Not having any choice, Ray accepts Gray's terms.

Gray explains to Ray that going to B5 requires her to activate the mechanism in floor B3 and B2. Throughout the trial he gave to her, Gray uses the drug to make Ray hallucinates that forces Ray to face the consequences of her selfishness. After retrieving Zack's knife and bandages in B6, Gray and Ray returns to B2 but finds Zack missing. At this time, Gray states his disappointment in Ray and accuses her for the misfortune that befell on his angels due to her wish while criticising her twisted faith in the God she believes. He left Ray for a moment and returns to the church where he meets Danny who gives him the medicine he took. Gray keeps the medicine and wait until Ray returns to the church again, asking the medicine from Gray after the reverend reveals he has it. When Gray refuses, Ray threatens him with Zack's knife, but Gray merely rebuff her attempt and tells her that he's the one who brought Zack into the building along with the other floor masters.

Deeming Ray a witch for everything that has happened to his angels, Gray uses his drug to make Ray hallucinates being in a courtroom where he is the judge while Danny, Cathy, and Eddie are the witnesses. Through the testimonies given by the three witnesses, Gray finds Ray guilty as a witch and sentenced her to be burned to death. He tells Ray that the God she believes doesn't exist, and in the entire building, he is the God and no one else. Being the one sitting in the highest position, he therefore dismisses Ray's denial of being a witch. However, to his shock, Ray manages to break free from the effects of the drug by wounding herself with Zack's knife and threatens Gray to give her the medicine. Admitting defeat, Gray leads her towards where he placed the medicine and the location of the elevator. When Ray simply about to leave with the medicine, he questions why Ray didn't kill him. Ray answers that she merely doesn't need him anymore. Understanding that Ray has viewed Zack as her God, Gray warns Ray that God detests those who are impure and dishonest, referring to Zack's hatred for liars.

Episode 4

Gray begins to develop interest in Zack and Ray's relationship after seeing Zack trying so hard to search through the entire B1 to get Ray back from Danny after the latter trapped her with himself in the living room. When Zack is about to fall from one of the traps, Gray saves him, explaining that Zack and Ray have becameohis new objects of observation and so he does not wish for Zack to end so quickly. He offers to help Zack solving the trial that Danny gave to him in exchange Gray is allowed to observe until the end, which Zack begrudgingly agreed. He directs Zack to place the plate he found on the door of the room above and the floor master's name is written on that plate.

After Zack helps Ray, Gray waits for Ray in the room where the elevator power is, assuring her that he won't do anything. Gray questions that since she now has realized that Zack is not her God, what is she planning to do from now on. He expresses his surprise and confusion that even though she has seen the truth, she still wishes to die, to which Ray answers that she has simply accepted herself and refuses to forgive that side of her so she still wants to die by Zack's hand. Satisfied with her answer, Gray relents to Ray's request to tell her where the exit is, telling her that she should check the stained glass on his floor.

When the building began to burn down due to the explosion from the emergency self-destruct sequence being activated by Danny, Gray comes to Zack and Ray's rescue before Danny could kill Zack, shooting the doctor with a crossbow. He instructs Zack to use the last of his strength to get out with Ray, convincing him that she will be saved if he bring her outside. Gray once again incapacitate Danny before he could mtke another shot, allowing Zack and Ray to escape. With the end near, Gray tells Danny that through observing Zack and Ray's growth, he has realized that everyone in the building, including himself, is merely a human being. Having realized this, his action in helping Zack and Ray escape is his atonement. He tells Danny that he has seen the ugliness and beauty in the people in the building from his times observing them and this includes Danny himself, apologising to the doctor for only realizing it now even though Danny has been there the longest.

What happened to Gray afterward is unknown, though it could be presumed he was dead as the news reported several bodies were found after the building's destruction. While in the anime, Gray and Danny were crushed by the falling ceilings.




  • He is the only floor master without any nickname, being referred by his last name in media and Reverend by most characters in the game.
  • Due to his eyes not shown having any pupils, many fans believe that he is blind.
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