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• 12/4/2017

The other, now deleted/inaccessible wiki.

Previously there was another wikia page for this game, with content not currently present on this version of the site, and seems to have been deleted without it's content being transferred and now it redirects to this wikia. I am unaware of any discussion of this change and am curious the why and how it came about, and if it is at all possible to be reversed at least temporally until it's contents are transferred to this wiki or otherwise archived.
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• 1/7/2018
Hello ZoeGirl3,

Sorry for the late reply, I just now saw your post. Were you an admin of the other wiki? If so, I would like to discuss granting wiki rights with you. (As I have some work related issues in RL that have come up recently and will get in the way of my contribution)

Regarding wikis that are duplicates, it is common for them to be merged into a single wiki, particularly the one that contains active admins. Wikis that have admins that are inactive for over 60 days are eligible for being adopted or merged to a wiki of the same community with an active admin. I had noticed that wiki had an inactive admin for quite a while (I do believe it was some months) and had them merged. I'm not too sure if it is possible to reacquire any content on the previous and it may have to be re-added. I'm terribly sorry for any trouble this may have caused, I know that Danny's article is in need of information, but what other content is missing from the previous? I could have sworn I checked the articles before the merge. I will contact Fandom right away and ask them if it is at all possible that they still have any archives of the other wiki's content.

Edit: I have contacted Fandom and will update you once I receive a reply.
Edit 2: Fandom has replied and as expected they said they only store content for about a month after a wiki's close. Any information that is missing will need to be re-added manually.

- solazora
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